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Fully Printed

Starting at $65 per dozen

Cookies with white icing, printed using edible ink with the images or logos of your choice

Metallics available for an additional cost

Tier 1

Starting at $70 per dozen

One design

Up to three icing colors, plus white

Metallics and hand-painted details extra

Tier 2

Starting at $76 per dozen

Up to three designs

Up to four icing colors, plus white

Metallics and hand-painted details extra

Tier 3

Starting at $84 per dozen

Up to six designs

Up to six icing colors, plus white

Additional designs, metallics and hand-painted details extra

Additional Pricing

Allergy Friendly

Sweet Treats RN, LLC has the ability to alter recipes in a way that makes them gluten and/or dairy free. Allergy friendly cookies follow the pricing structure of typical custom decorated cookies but incur an additional $5 per dozen per ingredient change.

PLEASE NOTE: While the recipe can be made without gluten or dairy, and special care is taken to sanitize equipment in between uses, I do not have dedicated equipment for dairy or gluten free products.

Additional Flavors

An additional $5 per dozen per flavor for orders containing multiple flavors 


Each cookie is individually heat-sealed in food safe packaging with an ingredients label secured to the back of the bag. Cookies can be packaged with bows for $8 per dozen

Ready to order?

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