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Available Flavors

Unless otherwise noted, all recipes contain wheat, dairy, and egg. Some recipes can be altered to accommodate food allergies such as dairy or gluten - please make me aware of any food allergies when placing custom order requests.

Please note that while I take great care to clean and sterilize equipment between uses, I do not have dedicated baking equipment for gluten free or dairy free products.

Original Sugar

This is my classic sugar cookie recipe and easily the most popular flavor choice among customers!


Original Sugar recipe with the best kind of twist: lots of sprinkles!

Lemon (seasonal)

Enjoy the refreshing taste of lemon with this flavor option!

Chocolate (seasonal)

Like eating a brownie in cookie form!

Flourless Almond (seasonal)

This deliciously chewy cookie recipe is naturally gluten free but, as the name states, is made with almonds and therefore not the choice for those with nut allergies!

Additional cost per dozen.

Apple Cinnamon (seasonal)

This one is personally my favorite flavor option. A perfect way to enjoy the flavors of fall!

Cookies & Cream (seasonal)

Think: the popular sandwich cookie. You know the one. All that deliciousness packed into a decorated cookie.

Additional cost per dozen.

Fruity Pebbles (seasonal)

The popular breakfast cereal you may have enjoyed as a kid is the not-so-secret ingredient in this recipe!

Additional cost per dozen.

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